Tinker Juarez 2x Olympian 

New Age Athlete is thrilled to present Tinker Juarez as our newest premier coach for road and mountain biking. Yes, the Tinker you are thinking! He is one of very few professional racers still pedaling strong since the beginning of mountain bike history. Prior to that, he raced professionally in the BMX scene before seamlessly transitioning to mountain biking in 1986. Tinker is loved and respected worldwide as one of the top endurance athletes in history.

The wealth of experience and knowledge Tinker holds is beyond fathomable. He knows what it takes to start from humble beginnings, and tenaciously pedal his way to live out his wildest dreams of racing bicycles as his grown-up job. He is kind, passionate and wins the hearts of everyone he meets. His sharp focus and discipline are nearly unmatched. Tinker also values his beautiful family, and is an impeccable example that it is possible to race and enjoy his home environment.

Now Coaching!

For the first time ever Tinker is offering to coach a few select athletes. The athletes he would like to coach believe in the sport, are passionate about cycling, and want to reach their potential while maintaining balance in their daily life. They are self-motivated and teachable. He is interested in coaching mountain and road cyclists alike, as he also has great abilities as a road cyclist. In fact, Tinker performs much of his training on pavement. Your age does not matter. What does matter is the will to become your best self that lies inside your heart. If this sounds like you, please reach out today as he is only taking on very few cyclists.

If you are interested in making history by becoming one of Tinker’s first athletes he coaches in a mentorship style program, now is your rare opportunity! Click here to get started.

Don’t Need a Coach? Join Team Tinker This is another way to stay close to Tinker and follow him along as he lives his dreams. You will be inspired to live yours as well.

Here is the short list of some of Tinkers Major accomplishments:

2X US Olympic Team Member ~ 1996 and 2000

3X NORBA National Cross-Country Champion

US Masters World Champion

XC World Championship Silver Medalist

3X US National Cross Country Champion

Pan American Games Gold Medalist

Mountain Bike Hall of Fame ~ 2001

BMX Hall of Fame ~ 1993