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1009020_10151960662449115_1773907759_oChuck Collins is a master Category II road cyclist and mentor athlete. Chuck rotates domicile between  Santa Barbara and the Intermountain West. He is a student of endurance activities whom seeks incremental gains while very much understanding one’s limitations. “Train your weaknesses, and ride your strengths.”

“Success in any activity especially endurance sports stems from doing the work and paying attention to nuance unless you are genetically gifted which I am not. Understanding who you are is a process that can be accelerated with insight from someone that’s been there, able to offer insight, and help you design a plan that’s right for you towards your goal and objectives.”

I have a few palmares:  a Utah State TT Championship and a Utah State Criterium Championship. My favorite or most memorable, hmm … The one’s that come to mind have to do with helping others achieve and exceed an event objective: 1st and 3rd in the 1996 Utah State Road Championships. Really, success was derived by the execution of a beautiful team effort. “We should not have won. We were totally out gunned, but we executed….  And, I coached a young lad to acquire his USAC Category III upgrade just in time so that father and grandfather could watch him race Junior Nationals. Those were proud moments.

In addition to endurance experience, Chuck is a student of yoga with training to be certified as CYT 200. His applied application concerning yoga and cycling is bike fitting, specifically utilizing alignment principles to help find a position, as the Japanese would say, your Li, what’s right for you. “For me, it turns into artistry. I first assess posture before even getting to the bike. As with everything, there can be some trial and error.”

Now-a-days, online coaching tools like Training Peaks and Power Meters the norm, the athlete can be really efficient with their training time, which leaves plenty of room for the rest of life, including the often neglected rest periods, absolutely necessary for adaptation from the workload to occur. He is pleased to collaborate with as a premier coach.


New Age Athlete offers coaching in the following disciplines;

  • Road cycling
  • Mountain biking
  • Duathalon
  • Triathlon
  • Yoga
  • Life Coaching

Services that are not discipline specific

Nutrition, Strength / Endurance Training

  • Physical/General Conditioning
  • Race Strategy & Planning by Discipline

In order to maximize your true potential, contact Chuck Collins to receive more information about daily training plans and personal professional coaching.